by Strangers Now

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released December 17, 2010

Recorded by Gabe Usery
CD Artwork, Layout, and Screen printing done by Kristin Brown
Guest vocals on See the Suffering by Ryan Garrett



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Strangers Now St Louis, Missouri

Strangers Now is a modern hardcore/screamo band from St. Louis, Missouri. Started in the spring of 2010, Strangers Now has self-released 2 EPs as well as a split 10" on Skeletal Lightening. The band plays a very melodic and fast sound that carries honest, emotional, and passionate lyrics.
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Track Name: Transitions
I need more than just your words, to help me make up my fucking mind. A struggle between what I used to believe and everything I hate around me.
Why would I trust this now, if it’s something I’ve questioned for years? Why would I believe in what never believed in me? Ignorance and selfishness of past generations has never changed, and to this day has pushed me away.
Forever forced on us all
Open up your eyes and view your fucking lives…not everything is what you’d like to believe.
Track Name: Hopeless
It seems we’re all lost kids. Lost souls, with restless hearts. We all say we want our lives back, our innocence was stolen. So many of the ones I love are feeling fucking hopeless.
Why do they feel so worthless? How have we become of this?
Track Name: ...a Thing of the Past
That transcendental place, in head, is the only one keeping me still. The fucking perfect place of mind, the one I go to every night. What have I thrown myself into? I never used to be like this. I need my escape, because nothing else helps me get away.
I’ve finally found a way to disregard my fucking pain. I leave this all behind, because I’ve lost faith in everything.
But hey, at least I’m sleeping tonight. I’m finally sleeping at night.
Sleep is all that can help me now, help me escape this curse that we call reality. Nothing hurts me when I am there. No images of my despair.
I can finally sleep. I can finally sleep.
Track Name: The Beginning
I am the reason why I choose to live like this. For no god and no idols. My mind is set even if I stand alone.
I know how this world is. I may be young but I’ve opened my fucking eyes. Just words aren’t enough, to act is so much more. So I’m finally doing something that now, more than ever, I know the reason why.
Track Name: See the Suffering
This world will never change with attitudes like yours. The creature feels pain, but it cannot be heard. For me, I lose sleep over just the thought. While you sit there and you…you fucking laugh. You’ve turned a blind eye without a care. I want to see an end, and I hope it is near.
Let the world see the suffering
Unmask the truth of what is happening. The creature suffers, and it should be clear.
Let the world see the suffering
I will give a voice to the voiceless. I’ll speak up for those who can’t fucking be heard.
Let the world see the suffering.