by Strangers Now

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Limited Cassette available. 1st press Put out on Honest Empire Records, 2nd press self released.


released December 10, 2011

Recorded, mix, and mastered by Gabe Usery
Album artwork and layout by Kyle O'Neal
Cover photo taken by Scott Layne
Honest Empire Records
GTTWF Press Artwork by Chris Mollet



all rights reserved


Strangers Now St Louis, Missouri

Strangers Now is a modern hardcore/screamo band from St. Louis, Missouri. Started in the spring of 2010, Strangers Now has self-released 2 EPs as well as a split 10" on Skeletal Lightening. The band plays a very melodic and fast sound that carries honest, emotional, and passionate lyrics.
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Track Name: Labor Day
This was something new to me, something I've never felt before
The last time I saw you, you were only passing by
Stabbing deep into my heart, but not just mine. I am not alone and I keep telling myself this.
But, I was told you were caught saying "I feel like I could die any day"...well we never would have guessed...
Now I can only see you when the sun is shining or maybe when I close my eyes. You're surrounded by names and dates etched in stone...lives also lost
So to all of us: Some days just forgive the way I take this. It was something I never thought could happen.
And here's to you : We miss that smiling face.
We've accepted the fact, but we aren't letting go.
Track Name: How Joan of Arc Felt
Bound to break at some point. I’m fucking bound to break
Some days this feels like a car crash, and I’m slamming my head on the wheel
Happiness comes and goes hour by hour. I have little stability anymore
And I’ve even caught myself praying to a ghost I know isnt there
But that’s just a desperate search for hope
I hate where I am. I fucking hate where I am
When a single cloud can bring our town showers a storm cloud always seems overhead
Track Name: Blood isn't Red in Black and White
The reality I must face is brought by you
It only takes a fucking few to ruin what I came here for
So keep swinging your fists…you only make things worse
Don’t fucking ruin this for me
The one place I can call my own
You’ll never understand what this means to me
We want you fucking gone
“Cut-throat” mentalities
You back stab your allies
You take what was given to us and you throw it in our fucking face
You make this life a contest and we’re not interested
You’ll never be wanted here again
You’ll never welcome here again
Track Name: Powerline
Forged my signature on the dotted line in a contract of love
It wasn't my intention to leave fucked from this
I Ignored the fine print, ignored any consequence
and now I swear we've choked on those words
Now I think it's time I let you know that you're part of the reason these songs come out the way they do
You’re part of the reason for these words I sing
It's not easy for me to write a love song
Ive fucking moved on…
but bitter recollections will always be with me
And now I don’t know you anymore, but that's fine...I don’t give a fuck
At least Broken hearts are good for something, because broken hearts wrote my favorite songs
So let me recite some of Blake's best words, because they always seem to fit